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About us

So, you want to know more about us?

Well, the story is simple and honest like that:
Once upon a time there were two guys ,in a small town somewhere in the Northern Greece.
They had their lives and their dreams as anyone else. But they had also something in common. They both were “in love” with t-shirts. They were wearing t-shirts as long they could remember their selves. From school, later at work even in their social meetings( yeap! even at weddings).
One day they had the idea to make their own t-shirts, and then some friends liked those tees and so they made also for them. One thing brought another , and those two guys were standing in front of their own shop, still in that small town in the Northern Greece. Without being sure if this was going to work ,only having in mind that they were doing what they really loved.
And now they started this site with only wonder if this fairy tale will have a great happy end!

Do you believe in happy endings?
If so, well then ,visit our e-shop!

Thank you for passing by.

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