General purpose face protection mask made of fabric, 100% cotton.
Multi-purpose made of two layers of fabric.
Protection against solid particles, dust, pollution, exhaust fumes, droplets, pollen, mites.
Washable and ironed before reuse.
Greek construction .

It can be used as a precaution for partial protection, does not protect against viruses and does not provide antimicrobial protection.


Adult 32 * 13 cm

Children’s 24 * 12 cm

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The Persistence of Memory(Salvador Dali) Face Mask

The Persistence of Memory(Salvador Dali)  Face mask 

The obsession with memory is an oil painting on canvas (1931) by Daly. The scene depicted is the real desert near Catalonia, Spain, where Daly lived. Melting clocks represent the loss of the significance of the time that Daly wants to show. Ants walking on the clock represent the wear and tear of time. The title of the project concerns the ability of memory to be retained in time, as it wears out around it.

In all his works, Dali’s greatest contribution to surrealist painting was his “paranoid-critical method”, which allowed him to paint and see two different things at the same time, in this case time and nature. This strange concept made his paintings unusual, fantastic and sometimes somewhat disturbing. These three characteristics are seen in the Obsession of Memory.

It is the most famous image of Dali – the one where the obsession of memory fills the deserted country. This painting, which three years later (and through an adventurous journey) ended up in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, stood the bridge to Dali’s “conquest” of America; his first trip there was in 1934 for five hundred dollars. given to him by Picasso.

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